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CCTST Registration & Administration

1. Submit Registration Form

Using the link below, submit the registration form* at least two weeks prior to the requested testing date.

2. Receive Confirmation

When the registration form has been processed, a confirmation e-mail will be sent from our office. If you have not received a confirmation within 5 business days, please contact us at 974-4373.

3. Verify Receipt of Test Materials

Test materials and instructions will be packed and sent via campus mail approximately one week prior to the scheduled test date. Materials will be addressed to the person who scheduled the test session(s) unless otherwised indicated on the registration form. Once you receive the materials, please confirm delivery.

4. Return Materials

When the assessment is completed, all materials should be returned to OIRA via one of two options:

  1. Personal delivery: you (or a trusted student) may return materials to 2538 Dunford Hall
  2. Campus mail: send materials to OIRA at 2538 Dunford Hall. Prior to mailing, please make copies of the answer sheets to serve as a back-up should anything happen to the materials en route.

CCTST Registration Form

*If the interactive form does not work, please include the following in a email to

  • Contact Info: Name of college or departmental contact, phone number, and email
  • Session Info: Specify in class or special session, proctor name, test date, and # of tests
    • If testing in class specify the course name, number, and section (e.g., COUN 480 001)
  • Delivery Info: College, department, and delivery address

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