The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

General Education Assessment Tracking Chart

Academic Year:

College Seniors Needed Seniors Tested
Architecture and Design 22 0
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources 54 0
Arts and Sciences 452 0
Business Administration 205 0
Communication and Information 97 0
Education, Health, and Human Sciences 108 0
Engineering 97 0
Nursing 33 0
Social Work 12 0
Total 1080 0

***Note: The number of seniors tested is based solely upon the self-report responses provided by the students. Thus, we cannot guarantee that all students tested were actually seniors. If students are not seniors according to their number of credit hours, they will not be counted in the final sample. Please plan for this by testing as many students as possible. The official number of seniors you still need to test will be available after we receive official datasets from the testing company.


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