The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

General Assessment Calendar

Project Time of Year Recurrence
Program Assessment
Academic Assessment Plan Review September-December Annually
Academic Assessment Training Ongoing Currently as needed
Academic Program Assessment (Full Partner) Ongoing Annually
Experience Learning Assessment Ongoing Annually
Quality Assurance Funding
PEG Alumni Survey January - May Every five years (QAF)
Institutional Satisfaction Comprehensive Report January  - July Every five years (QAF)
Major Field Testing Ongoing Year round planning and implementation
NSSE Administration January - May Every three years or as mandated by THEC for QAF
Quality Assurance Funding (QAF) Report April - July Annually
FSSE administration January - May Every five years (QAF)
Adult Learner Inventory March - May Every five years (QAF)
CCTST Ongoing Fall and Spring terms (QAF, campus)
UT Assessment Projects
BCSSE Administration Summer, Early Fall Coincide with NSSE, every three years (if wanted)
NSSE/BCSSE reporting Ongoing Main reports every three years 
Dean Evaluations November - January Annually
Department Head Evaluations April - June Annually
SAIS Ongoing Year round planning and implementation

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